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Arts Silicone mold Rubber 330+330 ml

Arts Silicone mold Rubber 330+330 ml
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Arts Silicone mold Rubber 330+330 ml
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  • Model: Silicon 660
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Create with Arts Silicone your own Silicone Rubber mold with ease and copy the smallest details Easy 1: 1 - Ideal for epoxy resin molds (660ml of both parts A+B) Safe, flexible, tough, doesn't tear, no smell

SILICONE MOLDING: Combine Part A and Part B at the ratio of 1:1. 

Mix well for 3 minutes ntil the mixture is homogeneous.

Pour immediately into a vessel containing a 3D object of your choice.

WORKING TIME: Mold Making Material sets in 45 minutes. Then, you let it cure for 8 hours at room temperature.

Versatile: Ideal for casting epoxy resin, plaster, wax, soap, clay and prototyping.  Art projects, architectural details, statues, and anything else. Copy the smallest details and make your imagination a reality.

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